DEEPOL GEAR EP LS 80W90, 90 – Extreme Pressure Limited Slip Differential Oil

SAE Grade: 80W-90, 90

GEAR EP LS 80W90, 90 oils are a friction modified EP hypoid gear and axle oil designed for use in limited slip differentials for use in heavy duty vehicles used on-road and off-road equipment used in construction, mining and forestry also autos and SUV’s having limited slip differentials. It is produced from conventional selected base oils and special
performance additives. It protects transmission system against wear, corrosion, pitting and modify friction needed for limited slip. May also be used in other heavy duty gear oil application. Meets majör OEM requirements.

• Modifies the friction in limited slip differentials and minimizes the generated sound.
• Extended lubricity togather with EP and friction modifying additives increase the service life.
• Provides protection to gears against wear, corrosion and manage efficient operation.
• Excellent thermal and chemical stability keeps the system free of sludge and deposits.
• Meets the lubrication standards of leading limited slip differential manufacturers.


Product Description

API GL-5 Limited Slip MB 235,0         ZF : TE-ML 05C/12C/16E
 SAE 342 Typ. M1 Voith  3,339/3,325   Volvo 97316/97310
Viscosity Grade 80W-90  90
Property Values   Method
Viscosity, 40 °C, cSt. 152  193  ASTM D445
Viscosity, 100 °C, cSt 15,2  17,8  ASTM D445
Vizkozite Index 100  100  ASTM D2270
Density, g/cm3 at 15 °C 0,911  0,914  ASTM D1298
Flash Point, °C, min. 212  216  ASTM D92
Pour Point, °C, max -30  -27  ASTM D97