DEEPOL GEAR SAE 75W140 – Fully Synthetic EP Axle and Differential Oil

SAE Grade: 75W-140
GEAR SAE 75W140, is a long drain, fully synthetic automotive gear oil is developed for use in axle and differentials of heavy and light commercial vehicles.
Specially designed for gears working under heavy load and extreme conditions like hypoid gears.Due to new age high performance additives and special formulation reduces friction co-efficient to minimum, provides ultimate protection against wear and corrosion and helps to work more efficiently.Meets the lubrication standards of leading power transmission OEM.

• Provides ultimate protection against wear, micro pitting, corrosion and premature failure.
• Higher thermal and oxidation stability control sludge and all kinds of deposit formation.
• Excellent seal materials compatibility minimize the chances of leakage to atmosphere.
• Extended drain capability reduces maintenance intervals and finally oprational cost.
• Meets the lubrication standards of leading power tranmission equipment manufacturers.


Product Description

API GL-5, MT-1 MACK GO-J    US MIL PRF-2105E/ L-210D
 SAE  J2360 FORD  WSL-M2C192-A   ZF TE-ML-05A, 10A, 12B
 MB 0-76-M  SCANIA STO 1:0 16F, 19C, 21B
Viscosity Grade 75W-140
Property   Values Method
Viscosity, 40 °C, cSt.  180  ASTM D445
Viscosity, 100 °C, cSt  24,8  ASTM D445
Vizkozite Index  170  ASTM D2270
Visc. dynamic cP at -40 °C  < 150,000  ASTM D5293
Density, g/cm3 at 15 °C  0,864  ASTM D1298
Flash Point, °C, min.  210  ASTM D92
 Pour Point, °C, max  -45  ASTM D97