DEEPOL GEAR SAE 90, 140 – Automotive Manual Transmission Oils

SAE Grade: 90, 140

GEAR SAE 90, 140 series gear oils are formulated from conventional mineral base oils and additives for use in automotive manual transmission systems.
Recommended for use in gear boxes, axles and differentials of trucks, buses, pickups, automobiles
and other machines operating under moderate conditions where an extreme pressure oil is not required. May also be used in off-road equipments of construction mining and agriculture where API: GL-1 lubricant is recommended.
• Provides good protection against wear to moderately loaded gears.
• Good protection against rusting and corrosion of
non ferrous parts in the system.
• Thermal and oxidation stability of oil prevent sludge and all kinds of deposit formation.
• Excellent seal materials compatibility minimize the chances of leakage to atmosphere.
• May also be used in other gear-boxes where GL-1, oils are recommended.

Product Description

 Viscosity Grade  90  140
Property  Values    Method
 Viscosity, 40 °C, cSt. 185 3438 ASTM D445
 Viscosity, 100 °C, cSt 17 30 ASTM D445
 Vizkozite Index 97 97 ASTM D2270
 Density, g/cm3 at 15 °C 0,896 0,91 ASTM D1298
 Flash Point, °C, min. 234 244 ASTM D92
 Pour Point, °C, max -18 -12 ASTM D97