DEEPOL ANTIFREEZE – Antifreeze for Water Cooled Systems

Environmental Friendly Inorganic Technology

DEEPOL ANTIFREEZE, is mono ethylene glycol based fluid produced for protection of water based cooling systems of motor vehicles against freezing in extremely cold weathers. Additionally the additive protects the cooling system against corrosion and rusting, controls the sludge formation, keeps the system clean and increases the efficiency. It is developed by environment
friendly inorganic technology, do not contain nitrate,amine, phosphate but some silicate. Provides effective protection to cooling system of modern vehicles having aluminium alloys, copper, brass, solder, iron and steel. Decreases the freezing temperature of water and increases the boiling point. Therefore, it is suggested for throughout the year.

• Provides effective protection to water-cooled systems against corrosion and rust.
• Protects against freezing during winter and against boiling during extreme hot weather.
• It is suitable for use in solar water heating systems and ice skating cooling systems.
• Lifetime in motor vehicles is one year but in other closed systems there is no limit.
• Before adding new antifreeze, drain and wash the cooling system completely.
• To obtain the desired freezing point, select the antifreeze ratio from the table.
• Mix the antifreeze and water in seperate container before adding to system.
• For optimum protection, antifreeze ratio in water should be at least 33%.


Product Description

Provides smooth surface of moulded concrete in both metallic and non-metallic moulds and framework​​​

 BS  6580  TS  3582
 ASTM  3306  CUNA  956-16
 SAE  J1034  ONORM  V5123
TYPICAL PROPERTIES     Method                                                 
Color  St. Blue Visual
Density, at 15 °C , g/cm3  1,12 ASTM D1298
Antifreeze Ratio,% Volume Freezing Point °C Boiling Point°C  
20 -9 103
30 -16 105
40 -25 106
50 -36 108