DEEPOL ANTIFREEZE NFR – Organic Acid Technology Nitrate Free Antifreeze

Protects Water Cooled Systems Against Freezing

DEEPOL ANTIFREEZE NFR, is based on mono ethylene
glycol, developed by Organic Acid Technology contains
silicate and do not contain nitrate, phosphate and
amine in its formulation. Silicates and other inhibitors
protect the cooling system against corrosion and
rust, keep it clean by inhibiting sludge formation
and boost the performance. Environmental friendly
antifreeze produced by hybrid organic and inorganic
technology contains some silicates. Effectively protects
the cooling system components of modern vehicles
having materials like aluminum alloys, copper, brass,
solder, iron and steel. Decreases the freezing point
and increases the boiling point of water, therefore it is
recommended for use in all seasons. Caution: Should
not be mixed silicate free antifreeze.

• Designed for use in all kind of cooling systems of
modern vehicles
• E ectively protects aluminum alloys, copper, brass,
iron and other metals against corrosion and rust.
• Provides optimum protection even to cooling systems
of older model vehicles.
• Inhibits the sludge and scale formation in radiator and components of cooling system.
• Care should be taken to use soft water for initial dilution and make-up.

• Before adding new antifreeze, drain and wash the cooling system completely.
• To obtain the desired freezing point, select the antifreeze ratio from the table.
• Mix the antifreeze and water in seperate container before adding to system.
• For optimum system protection, antifreeze ratio in water should be at least 33%.


Product Description

ASTM D4985/ D3306 Ford WSS-M97B44-C  MAN   324/ 428
BS 6580 Opel GM QL 130100 Mack   014GS17004
SAE J 1034 WV, Audi TL 774 D/F Volv  Reg. No.260
MB 325/ 325.3  Renault  41-01-001 CUMMINS   85T8-2
Color St. Blue Visual
Density, at 15 °C , g/cm3 1,12 ASTMD1298
Antifreeze Ratio, % volume  Freezing Point °C  Boiling Point °C
20 -9 103
30 -16 105
40 -25 106
50 -36 108