DEEPOL DIESEL CV-A SAE 15W40 – High Performance Engine Oil

SAE Grade: 15W-40
DIESEL CV-A SAE 15W40 is a super high performance diesel engine oil produced from selected highly refined base oils and modern technology additives for use in recent heavy duty high performance Euro 2, 3 engines. Designed for use in light and heavy vehicles like trucks, buses and off-road equipment used in construction, agriculture and mining during four
seasons. Provides ultimate protection against acid corrosion caused by fuel, wear, sludge and deposit formation. Enhanced soot handling keep engine parts clean and sustains engine power.

• Enhanced corrosion, wear and sludge protection to facilitate the use of fuels with higher sulphur level.
• Suitable for use in on-road heavy duty vehicles having Euro 2, 3, 4 engines requiring normal SAPS oil.
• Meets the requirements of major off-road equipment used in mining, contruction and agriculture.
• Specially engineered as meet lubricant to reduce the ownership cost and storage facility area.
• Improved viscometric properties ensure perfect lubrication even in extreme operating conditions.


Product Description

API CI-4/SL CUMMINS CES 20078/77/76 BLOBAL                                      DHD-1
ACEA E3/E5, B3/B4 MAN M3275 RENAULT                                   RLD
MB 228.3 JASO DH-1 VOLVO                                         VDS-3
Viscosity Grade 15W-40
Property    Values  Method
Viscosity, 40 °C, cSt.  115  ASTM D445
Viscosity, 100 °C, cSt  15,4  ASTM D445
Vizkozite Index  140  ASTM D2270
Visc. dynamic cP at -30 °C  < 7000 ASTM D5293
Density, g/cm3 at 15 °C  0,884 ASTM D1298
Flash Point, °C, min.  220 ASTM D92
Pour Point, °C, max.  -30 ASTM D97