DEEPOL WHITE GREASE – Calcium + Lithium Soap Grease

NLGI No: 2, 3
WHITE GREASE is high quality calcium + lithium soap based multipurpose grease, produced for bearings, machine parts and general lubrication where operation temperature do not exceed
80 °C. NLGI No.2 grease may be applied by central lubrication system, grease cups or guns. Contains oxidation and rust inhibitors.
• Due to wide application range it reduces the stock cost.
• Reduces downtimes of equipment and maintenance cost.
• Good protection against rust, wear and corrosion.
• NLGI No.2 may be applied by central lubrication systems.
• Good pumpability facilitates application in cold weathers.


Product Description

TS 11584 (12-2011) ISO-L-XBCA 2/3
Type: 1, Tur: LA DIN K 1/2/3
NLGI No. 3 2
Property   Values  Values  Method
Soap Type Ca+Li  Ca+Li
Color Light Straw Light Straw  Visual
Penetration, worked 60 stroke at 25 °C 220-250 265-295  ASTM D217
Dropping Point, °C 100 100  ASTM D2265
Application temperature range °C -10 / 80  -10 / 80