DEEPOL SAE 10W60 – Fully Synthetic Engine Oils

SAE Grade: 10W60


SAE 10W60 is a fully synthetic engine oil for modern higher output engines confronting extreme temperature and pressure. Specially designed to protect against wear and sustain power under extreme operating conditions. Provides extra protection to engines while running under sustained severe conditions like racing and other sporty activities. Recommended for use in engines modified to boost power output and other recent technology high performance engines.

• Provides optimum protection to vehicles operating under extreme conditions like racing.
• Extended viscosity range insures superior performance in extreme environmental conditions.
• Outstanding engine cleanliness, excellent lubrication and sustained power development.
• Prevents and reduces deposits and sludge build-up and extends engine life.
• Sustains the quality for longer periods and provides long- lasting protection to engine.
• Exhibits extra ordinary performance under normal operating conditions.

Product Description

API SN/CF MB 229.31, 229.51
ACEA C2/ C3 BMW Longlife-04
A3/ B3, A3/B4 VW 502 00 / 503 01 / 505 00
Viscosity Grade  0W-40
Property Values Values  Method
Viscosity, 40 °C, cSt. 68 76 ASTM D445
Viscosity, 100 °C, cSt 11,8 13,6 ASTM D445
Vizkozite Index 170 185 ASTM D2270
Visc. dynamic cP at -35 °C < 6200 < 6200 ASTM D5293
Density, g/cm3 at 15 °C 0,84 0,85 ASTM D1298
Flash Point, °C, min. 214 216 ASTM D92
Pour Point, °C, max. -54 -51 ASTM D97